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Watch out:"magnetic hunger" is invading your body
The earth we live on is a huge magnet. This natural earth magnetic field influences the growth and development of human bodies and the health. The viscera, tissues and organs in human body have different intensities of biological magnetic fields. The biological magnetic field of human beings shall be supplemented continuously by the earth's magnetic field. From this, it can be seen that just like sunshine, air and water, earth magnetism is also the dispensable nutritious element for human beings.
The economic development greatly destroys the ecological balance on the surface of the earth and the concrete and reinforcing steel bar severely shield the earth magnetic field, so the intensity of the earth magnetism decreases sharply. Meanwhile, the wires, cables, various pipelines, automobiles, electric appliances, cell phones and other modern facilities release electromagnetic wave endlessly, which disturb the earth magnetism make the biological magnetic field not supplemented sufficiently and modern people are universally lack of magnet, thus the modern civilization disease―magnetic hunger appears. The clinical manifestations are intractable headache, hypomnesis, irritation and insomnia, hypodynamia, diarrhea, skin sensibility and arthralgia. The severe patients even have hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and kidney diseases.
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