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Magnet shortage is harmful to the health
People often say that air,sunshine and water are indispensable for the life. Actually, it shall be added that life also depends on the magnet. Please look at the following experiments:
Experiment 1: In order to study the relationship between magnet and life, American scientists carry out the following experiment : they design a magnetic room specially, and make the earth magnetic field inside extremely weak. They feed the mouse in it and finally find that the lifespan of the mouse is shortened by 40%(Just like the life span of human beings is shortened to 40 years old from 70 years old ) and all the mouse don't give birth,which becomes extinct in one year.
Experiment 2: Professor Chen Zhi,magnetic therapy export,divides the garlic of the same size into two groups, among which the experiment group is under the action of 50GS magnetic field and the control group is only earth magnetic field (0.3-0.5GS). 25 days later, the garlic in the experiment group is 3.3cm higher than the control group on average.
Experiment 3:Zhongshan Medical University has conducted such an experiment: 40 goldfish of the same size are put in two identical fish tanks, without any feed. The experiment group is supplemented with magnet and the control group is only under the action of the earth magnetic field.
The results are as follows:
The goldfishes in the control group begin to die on the 21st day and no goldfishes are left on the 30th day, while only several goldfishes in the magnet supplement group die on the 30th day and no goldfishes are left only on the 60th day.
Experiment 4: in order to study the relationship between suitable amount of magnetic field and life span, we design strong magnetic field, earth magnetic field and suitable amount of magnetic field for the tadpoles and observe the influence of three different intensities of magnetic fields on them. The method is to choose 48 tadpoles from the same frogspawn and around 1.2cm long, divide them into three groups and put them in the experiment bowl, 16 tadpoles for each bowl and with the same amount of tap water. The experiment bowl A is placed with two blocks of magnets with the diameter being 4.5cm and magnetic field intensity being 800 GS, which are fixed on the two sides of the bowl from south to north and symmetrically. The bottom of the experiment bowl B is evenly put with the magnetic powder and the magnetic field intensity is 50GS as the suitable amount of the magnetic field. The bowl C is the control sample, without articles at the bottom(earth magnetic field). All of the three groups are not fed with any food, thus observing the survival time of the tadpoles in the three bowls. The experimental results are that 14 tadpoles in the experiment bowl A survive for 28-31 days, 14 in the experiment bowl B 43-45 days and 14 in the reference bowl 35-39 days. Two tadpoles in each group are not statistically treated due to the individual difference. The experiment shows that the mean survival time for 14 tadpoles is 29.5 days on average under the action of 800 GS magnetic field. The tadpoles in the bowls without magnetic field can only survive for 37 days. By comparing the two of them, the tadpoles in the bowls with magnetic field can survive 7.5 days more than these under the action of 800GS magnetic field. However, the mean survival time for 14 tadpoles is 44 days under the influence of 50GS magnetic field. It shows that the survival time of each tadpole under the influence of suitable amount of magnetic field is 7 days more than that of the tadpole in the bowl with earth magnetic field.
The experiment preliminarily shows that the application of suitable amount of magnetic field can make the tadpole live 7 days more than the earth magnetic field when the tadpoles are not fed with food.
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