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The secret for the longevity in the

Down through the years, health and longevity have always been the greatest desire of human beings. The emperors, doctors, high officials,peasants,Taoist, Buddhist and Yin-Yang experts have explored the route to health and longevity from one generation to another. The social development and scientific progress open up green passage of health and longevity for human beings. People begin to learn the health preserving method, pay attention to the nutrition and health care and protect life and health. Thus people's life span is prolonged continuously, but it is hard to approach the limit value of the physiological life span and it is unable to reach universal longevity and health without suffering.
In the present world, there are five internationally acknowledged "longevity villages": Bama in Guangxi, China, Turfan in Xinjiang, China, Caucasia in America, Hunza in Pakistan and Vilcabamba in Ecuador. The mean life span of the residents in the five districts is university higher than other countries and districts and many people reach or exceed 100 years old. The investigation shows that there are basically no cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancers in the "longevity villages" and most of them die of old age, namely die without suffering, very few dying of diseases. The scientists at home and abroad make long-time investigations and studies on the five "longevity villages", and find that the geological locations ,climate environments and living habits are different in the "longevity villages",which shows that their longevity doesn't lie in these aspects. The scientists surprisingly find that the earth's magnetic field in the five "longevity village" is very strong(0.6-0.7GS), obviously exceeding the earth's magnetic field intensity in various places of the world.(0.3-0.5GS)
Through the researches on modern magnetic medicine, the scientists conclude that for the people in the "longevity villages" living in the environment with high earth magnetic field, they have good metabolism, pure blood, unobstructed blood circulation, strong organism immunity and stable blood pressure, there is no pathogenesis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, their bodies develop very well, with aging delayed and life span prolonged.
The secret for the longevity of "longevity villages" is finally exposed: the blessed strong earth magnetic field environment is the cause of health, longevity, and death without suffering.

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