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The Search of New Conclusion for ZBK Bionic Earth Magnetic Mattress
According to this consigner's requirements of searching for new invention consultation in this research project, using above-mentioned search words and strategy, we have filtrated 32 chapters of related literature by searching international database and related websites, literature 11 and 12 introduce patent applied by consigned company.
Related literature mainly introduces the application of bionic earth magnetism, permanent magnetism, ferrite materials in magnet therapy mattress. Literature 7 introduces the intensity of bionic geomagnetism can be controlled under 100 gauss, but the space penetration can reach 1 meter high; Literature 9 introduces ferrite permanent magnetism and electrical mountain flour can be applied in health care bedding such as mattresses, pillows and quilts; literature 13 introduces a sort of health mattress which adopts Rubidium iron boron permanent magnetic material; literature 20 proposes bionic geomagnetism generator magnetic field 2-4GS, penetration can reach 60cm more; Literature 21 introduces Jiu Jiu Kang bionic geomagnetism mattress, magnetic field is 1.2-2 gauss, penetration can reach 100cm more; Literature 22 introduces geomagnetism power health care mattress, its effective magnetic field strength is nothing more than 1-5GS,but the space penetration can reach 60cm more; Literature 23 proposes bedding articles which adopts iron oxides or metal powders as magnetic substance; While literature 25 proposes a solution which enlarges geomagnetism for bedding articles.
Technical features of this research project as follows:
ZhongBaiKang bionic earth magmetic mattress adopts high-performance ferrite permanent magnetic composite material, The space penetration is 1-2m, magnetic field strength is under 100 Gauss but only 2-4 gauss reaches human body. The patent application of this research project has been authorized, and the patent No: CN200610056939.5 and CN200520119240.X.
After searching, analysising and contrasting with public literatures from domestic and abroad synthetically, we do not find there is any literature report tell the technology and features that are same as this mattress project .Thus, the project is novelty in this searching range.
Novelty search client: Guo Jing    professional title:  librarian
Assessor: position: associate research fellow
China Defense Science and Technology Information Center (CDSTIC)
 Novelty searching and consulting department. (Appropriate stamp for novelty technology searching )
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