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regarded as the most satisfied and influential brand
Awarded Quality and Prestige Enterprise
certificate of high-tech enterprise
distinguished contribution award for anti-aging porgram
Linping Lu is awarded as one of the ten distinguished entrepreneurs for national inform and innovation sincerity construction
Mrs Linping Lu was appointed as executive director by China international health and beauty industry federation during 2007-008
Mrs Linping Lu was approved as deputy director of the world organization federation overseas Chinese economic cooperation committee
Authorised Chinese health beauty and anti-aging utility brand promotion enterprise in 2010
ZBK acquired the 7 th China international health fair specified products prize
ZBK was awarded the credit rights company in 2010
ZBK was awarded the the promotion unit for China health and beauty anti-aging practical brand in 2010
ZBK was judged China health and beauty of anti-aging industry practical technology promotion unit in 2010
ZBK was regarded as the first satisfied brand of the bedding market by customers
certificate of trademark registration 1
certificate of trademark registration
patent certification for invention
Quality Management System Certificate
The Search For New Conclusion
regarded as the specified products by the 8th China international health fair
patent certification for utility model
test certificate
Test Report
The Search For New Conclusion
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